The Expo will be a great event!! Here is the list of speakers we have scheduled for Saturday & Sunday!

Saturday, Nov. 9th
1:00:00 PM Tom Quigley House of Jane Capital Raise/Brand Building/Distribution
2:00:00 PM Ian Beckles WDAE host/ Former NFL How Cannabis Helps Me
3:00:00 PM Steve Hall General Counsel Dept of Agri. The Adoption of Commercial Hemp in Florida
4:00:00 PM State Rep. Grieco District 113 The Politics of Cannabis
5:00:00 PM Dr. Genti Tahiraj ER Dir./Vaper Manor Tobacco Reduction/THC Vape vs. Nico Vape
6:00:00 PM Michael Minardi Norml Attorney Your Rights as a Cannabis User
Sunday, Nov. 10th
1:00:00 PM Adam Honour Veterans for Cannabis
1:30 PM Joshua Linney Veterans for Cannabis Industrial Byproducts
2:00:00 PM Colette Florido CRWorld CBD for Seniors (understanding the CBD Label)
3:00:00 PM Dr. Julie Spring Trichom PTSD
4:00:00 PM Benny Blanchard Grower Industrial Hemp
5:00:00 PM Michael Minardi Norml Attorney Legalizing Cannabis